Your Mind Through My Lens

What does anything you see, hear, taste or feel mean? If I make it and it means something to me, if you are inclined, it is up to you to interpret it what it means to you.

I have often thought that just because I see something red, do you see “red”. We know that allegedly very simple concepts that are allegedly well defined, can mean something totally different to the same person at a different time .

In fact I’d argue that we all exist in our own universe which would support an omniverse of infinite universes. Parallel universes is to simple. The world “parallel” itself suggests some kind of linear existence which doesn’t seem to fit even our own limited concepts of space and time.

So what I will share here are stimuli, caught in a fraction of a second of yesterday, designed to generate a thought in the now.

What you make of it is just fine by me. I will be somewhere else, looking for something else to share here.

Think outside everything. Boxes were never made to contain time, thoughts, or life.

Thanks for visiting,
John “Wudman” Wood