Saving songs to snippets of high seas sailing!

Jamming “Fall Day Up” to Hawaiian Chieftain Sailing Sony pocket camera video while on watch duty on the Hawaiian Chieftain. Six to eight foot seas, fog, and tall ship that likes to wiggle in the waves. We are heading north to Noyo Harbor from San Francisco. C Watch was from 12 to 4. My watch […]


My Lens | Return To Valley Of Fire State Park

Winter Expedition To Valley of Fire, Nevada’s Oldest State Park Valley of Fire State Park is about an hour north of Las Vegas and worth every minute you can spend there. This second trip was to catch different angles of the sun in the valleys by getting there earlier.¬†As usual, there was lunch with a […]


My Lens | Work space, play space sometimes the same space.

Work and Play Space Wudman West Coast Style Web on one side, piano on the other. What a sandwich work and play can make of me. There are some upsides to my kind of office. It depends not even on a connection, but being part of the web does expedite publishing. This picture is more […]


My Lens | Historic St. George Hotel, Volcano, CA

Historic by any name, the St. George still stands above Volcano! First the Eureka House, then rebuilt as the Empire House, the St. George Hotel has been the anchor for historic Volcano, CA since 1863. The first three buildings were destroyed by fire. Rebuilt in 1862 of brick, it survived a fire in 1868 that […]