Inauguration Day Jam

A New President, A Wish For Peace, Prosperity and Happiness There has been much pain, hurt, and anger between the first step to this inauguration day. Regardless who is President, we should be diligent and demand the best. President Trump isn’t “their” President, he is all of ours. I hope he finds a real path […]


A Mic and A Stage? Wudman Sings!

Graduating From Karaoke In The Sierra Nevadas Wudman On The Blues On a recent adventure to party with friends in Loyalton, CA, I was invited to the stage to render some blues with the band. Although this was not the first time I have sung with a band, this was the first time I was […]


My Lens | Return To Valley Of Fire State Park

Winter Expedition To Valley of Fire, Nevada’s Oldest State Park Valley of Fire State Park is about an hour north of Las Vegas and worth every minute you can spend there. This second trip was to catch different angles of the sun in the valleys by getting there earlier. As usual, there was lunch with a […]


My Lens | City Dwelling Nature Seekers

Quality Pittsburgh Band Lands In St. Louis Folk Americana band waiting to play a set at Pop’s Blue Moon One of the advantages of mixing blogging and photography is that I get the occasional call from a publicist seeking to share a  band coming to the area. City Dwelling Nature Seekers is a great band […]