Photo Galleries

I take pictures, lots of pictures, thousands of pictures every year. Sometims I have taken a thousand pictures in a day. It could be some kind of disease, but I’d like to think of it as something else, a “calling”. Under the “Photo Blogs”, you will find galleries broken down by a general catagory.

Open Spaces:
This is my Photo Gallery of the “Big Picture”. Here you will find photographs of scenery whenever and wherever I can find something worth shooting with my camera.

The Gardens:
Here you will find photographs of small, colorful things I find while taking in the big picture with my camera. Sometimes you can find the smallest, prettiest things when you think it is all about the big pictures.

Classic Cars:
This gallery speaks for it’s self. I grew up riding and then driving what are now classic cars. Although I know prefer not to drive them due to safety issues, I think that classic cars are a work of art!

More galleries are coming!

Sony DSC-T30 camera, main photo blogging tool from heaven.

My Sony DSC-T30

My favorite “hip shooter”, was a now retired Sony DSC-T30. It was been an awesome little camera I shot over a 100,o00 frames and dozens of videos with.  Although I am now my third Sony, I miss this second generation “ultra-compact”. It was fast, had no protruding lens and was compact enough to carry on my belt or in my pocket. A subsequent updated version only lasted a few months before failing whereas the DSC-T30 is still semi-functional.