Oahu is Cool, But Maui Is Awesome

Magical Maui Should Be Your First Hawaiian Experience Somewhere between Oahu and The Big Island is the Maui Experience Directly after high school, under extreme stress, I moved to Oahu with $40 and a pretty good idea I’d get a grant to go to Chaminade. That was a pivotal year in which I had to […]


Inauguration Day Jam

A New President, A Wish For Peace, Prosperity and Happiness There has been much pain, hurt, and anger between the first step to this inauguration day. Regardless who is President, we should be diligent and demand the best. President Trump isn’t “their” President, he is all of ours. I hope he finds a real path […]


Rough Drafts – Call Me Anywhere By Wudman

I looked At Here And Thought “Call Me Anywhere” Last December, I put on my man pants, packed up a keyboard and went down to an open mic at Old Sacramento’s Laughs Unlimted. The owner hosts a band-supported jam session open mic. It is more a jam session, but the band humors me and my […]


Welcome To Hawai’i – But Don’t Hate On Oahu

Taking Oahu In Like A Kama’ Aina Before, during and after a recent trip to Hawai’i, I heard, “are you going to Maui, or another island?” Usually that came in a tone that suggested Oahu was a waste of vacation time and had nothing to offer compared to Maui, Kauai or the “Big Island” of […]