Welcome To Hawai’i – But Don’t Hate On Oahu

Taking Oahu In Like A Kama’ Aina Before, during and after a recent trip to Hawai’i, I heard, “are you going to Maui, or another island?” Usually that came in a tone that suggested Oahu was a waste of vacation time and had nothing to offer compared to Maui, Kauai or the “Big Island” of […]


Saving songs to snippets of high seas sailing!

Jamming “Fall Day Up” to Hawaiian Chieftain Sailing Sony pocket camera video while on watch duty on the Hawaiian Chieftain. Six to eight foot seas, fog, and tall ship that likes to wiggle in the waves. We are heading north to Noyo Harbor from San Francisco. C Watch was from 12 to 4. My watch […]


Ship Ahoy – Big Boat On A River

Sailing A Tall Ship On A Skinny River Ever since I read “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, I have wanted to pilot a riverboat. While living in and around St. Louis, I have had plenty of opportunities to explore the Mississippi River by boat. Up until recently, my river adventures have been in boats you […]


Seven Days Between the Mast and the Sea

Chapter 1: If you can’t buy a ticket, volunteer.. But first, “that” moment which will stick in my mind forever… When my wife Lori and I go to Denny’s, we have dessert first. So it is fitting, that I serve dessert first here as well. Let me take you to the moment that defined this […]