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A Mic and A Stage? Wudman Sings!

Graduating From Karaoke In The Sierra Nevadas Wudman On The Blues On a recent adventure to party with friends in Loyalton, CA, I was invited to the stage to render some blues with the band. Although this was not the first time I have sung with a band, this was the first time I was invited prior to arriving at the venue. It was a old friend’s classic rock and roll band playing in a rustic hotel in a small Sierra Nevada town, so it wasn’t like headlining anywhere. In fact I have sung in much fancier venues in downtown Sacramento and have been well received. This particular party is one of a series that happens at the Golden West Hotel, Bar and Restaurant in Loyalton, CA. Loyalton, CA is a small town about 45 miles north of Truckee, CA. It sits in what I presume was once a majestic pine forest nestled in high valley of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At one point Loyalton was a bustling timber town, famous for white pine lumber. Although the valley that shelters Loyalton seems to be naturally void of trees, I have to assume that at some point, well within the vistas available, stood a majestic pine forest. Loyalton lost it’s last lumber mill in 1994 and like many lumber mill towns, has suffered economically. Although nothing came to replace the...

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Rough Drafts – Call Me Anywhere By Wudman

I looked At Here And Thought “Call Me Anywhere” Last December, I put on my man pants, packed up a keyboard and went down to an open mic at Old Sacramento’s Laughs Unlimted. The owner hosts a band-supported jam session open mic. It is more a jam session, but the band humors me and my music. That first time I jammed at Laughs Unlimited, asked the drummer to accompany me. The best instruction I could give him was, “my pace is sort of Hot Blooded as in Foreigner. So I am jamming away and it appears the crowd is getting into it and then my hands decided to go somewhere new, so I let them. After my jam, I lingered and did a little “Red House” and then spent the rest of the evening looping the new riff in my head. Watched a comedy show, but kept the loop a looping.. Now I have started to mold that riff into a new song. Part of looping it to remember was to put words to it. In the comedy show I looked over at my awesome wife Lori and thought, “Call me Anywhere”…. By the way, the reason I needed my “man pants”, was because although I am pretty comfortable emcee’ing events, it takes more energy to perform my art in the same environment. You see, deep down, I am...

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Welcome To Hawai’i – But Don’t Hate On Oahu

Taking Oahu In Like A Kama’ Aina Before, during and after a recent trip to Hawai’i, I heard, “are you going to Maui, or another island?” Usually that came in a tone that suggested Oahu was a waste of vacation time and had nothing to offer compared to Maui, Kauai or the “Big Island” of Hawai’i. Well I know better! Oahu, is a very special place that has lots to offer beyond the crowded beaches of Waikiki. Oahu has plenty of charms to be found if you step away from the tourist state of mind. Smart Vacation Tips For...

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Lemon Tree Honey Bee Immersed in Sky Flavors

Lemon Tree Oh So pretty John “Wudman” Wood 3.13.2015 We have a potted Meyer lemon tree in the front of my childhood home. This tree was a gift from a neighbor several zip codes ago. It wasn’t doing well, so I offered to rescue. That year I ironed out its needs and we had a bountiful harvest of lemons. That back yard was not ideal, but with limited sun, we harvested about 30 lemons. Our second harvest was a half dozen. The plant looked as if it fared better, but did not produce well. This year, the tree now moved into a prominent relationship with the late morning and afternoon sun, florishe0s. The air on our patio is thick with lemon blossom. It is like the air has been turned to candy. When you walk through it you feel cleaner, even if you just showered and really, really scrubbed. Or you might feel lighter, some may stop thinking at all. This lemon tree is dripping with flowers and if you look closely, you see the bees are profiting off of this abundance. ..but our lemons are oh so sweet! [Show as...

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Saving songs to snippets of high seas sailing!

Jamming “Fall Day Up” to Hawaiian Chieftain Sailing Sony pocket camera video while on watch duty on the Hawaiian Chieftain. Six to eight foot seas, fog, and tall ship that likes to wiggle in the waves. We are heading north to Noyo Harbor from San Francisco. C Watch was from 12 to 4. My watch was the starboard from the quarter deck. Captain J. B. Morrison in command on this transit. Fort Bragg was glad to see its first tall ship in long time. Music, video and photography by John Wood Sailing Aboard The Hawaiian Chieftain San Francisco North...

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