Wud Wordz | Cruel Intentions – Original Poetry By Wudman


Cruel Intentions
on a September morning
struck a slumbering America
a dreadful warning.

Reckless villainy,
like a dart to the heart,
was meant to tear
our nation apart.

The pain is deep,
a wound, opened wide,
our anger unencumbered,
our restraint put aside.

We, a country
that stood with open arms,
now looks within, at our neighbors
wondering if they mean us harm.

We are better than our answers,
smarter than our rage,
to move our history,
from bloody to bloody page.

Justice and war,
today might look the same,
except tomorrow one
one our soul will maim.

John “Wudman” Wood

Written on a plane from Sacramento to St. Louis after a camping trip to Pt. Arean, CA that started with a plane trip on 9/10/2001. I know exactly where I was when I first heard about the terror and murder in New York. I was in a pup tent, nestled between two cypress trees and the dunes at Pt. Arena State Park in northern California.