Excellent Beats Customer Service

Beats Quickly Replaces Defective Studio 2 Headphones

A Follow-Up Review After A Quick Replacement by Apple.

In an earlier post, I was pretty hard on my new Beats Studio 2 headphones due to defects present on both ear pads. As they were a gift that was within a return period, I had to think what steps I could take to resolve my frustration. That frustration was compounded by numerous reports that the ear pads on Beats headphones are know to fail. I read reviews on various sites that suggested what happened to me, has happened to many others. The message was clear, ear pads on Beats headphones will fail at some point. Apparently the failure is so common, there are third-party companies that offer replacement ear pads.I like my Beats Studio 2

My frustration was also compounded by the fact I liked how the Beats Studio 2 fit and sounded. There is no doubt, they are a bit heavy on the bass, but that suits my chemo-toasted hearing. I find the dominant bass of the Beats Studio softens the screaming high frequencies of post-cancer treatment stereo tinnitus. What the tinnitus is telling me is that I don’t have much top-end frequency response to start with, so at least for me, bass-heavy is just fine. Plus my original music tends to throb with bass.

Bottom line, I liked they way they sounded, but was conflicted if the resolution was a refund or replacement.

Then there was the dilemma created by the new shopping trends driven by eCommerce, aka online shopping. Amazon was more than willing to refund the purchase. Returning the Beats Studio 2 headphone was my first thought. The problem was I needed new headphone and there was no guarantee I’d like the next set I might order. There was no way to really compare the headsets when you are shopping online. Unlike the consumer electronic stores I worked in for over twenty years, there was no wall of headphones where I could listen to my music to comparatively shop high end headphones. I even went to my local Best Buy and then an Apple Store to see if I could compare a range of headphones and there were either no working displays or limited products showcased on dysfunctional displays.

Apple’s customer service rocks!

So I opted to exchange the headphones. The process to RMA the Beats Studio headphones was pretty easy. Apple sent a box in a few days and that gave me even more time to contemplate if I was going to return or exchange. In the end, I decided to keep the headphones and if necessary, be prepared to replace the ear pads.

I packed the headphones in the special box and dropped them off a a local shipping outlet. In a few days I had shiny new Beats Studio 2 headphones, without the defects of my first set. Apple has a distribution center in Elk Grove, so the returns didn’t take but a day to get to me.

What I think about my Beats Studio 2 Headphones After Sixty Days

Overall I like these headphones. If I could suggest something to Apple, I’d add a battery low warning and find away to make the battery last 12 hours at louder volumes. Sure, I shouldn’t crank them up, but they sound nice and I need them loud to get over my tinnitus. I think that other people will run them loud just because the like it that way. 

Also, I am on the fence if I like wired versus wireless. I must admit I miss my old Sennheiser HDR100. They still work after 10 years, but the ear pad foam has simply evaporated, leaving only the cover between my ears and the speaker. Plus at some point soon, I will have to take the transmitter for my Sennheiser HDR100 apart and solder a new input wire on because the out covering of the RCA input cables is falling off, exposing the wire core. I have to admit, I have never seen wire come apart as fast as it did on those Sennheisers. 

If I had it my way, I’d have bought the wireless version, but for now, adding an extension cord gets over the short wire included with the Beats Studio 2. One thing about that short wire, you can’t just buy any cord to use with the Beats Studio 2. The stereo input plug is recessed, so you have to be sure any new wire doesn’t have surround the plug with a fat cover.

Heads up that these are obviously no longer available from Apple, but you can find them on Amazon. They are pretty affordable when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones. Although I use them primarily in my studio, I did pack them for a trip to Hawaii. High-quality, noise-cancelling headphones make flying so much better.