The hair is big, life is good, marriage is musical.

John Puggie Wudman Wood Odin, IL Carmichael, CA Webmaster, Poet, Writer Thinker
Closing out March with music. Coming up on four years of marriage in about a month. Who would have thought that. I want to wonder about the misses, but I got a good situation, a blessed situation. What was love, will always be, but what is now is what matters.

High quality audio on this. Testing out the new Logitech 922x video camera on this one. Sweetness this webcam can be with just a bit of tweaking. Full HD detail. Still playing one step behind technology, I should be recording in 4K, but my Dell 2720 would pitch a fit. I need a beast computer with a beast GPU. (So I can play World of Tanks between websites and recording music.

I hope you enjoy. 
About the process. Video is recorded with the Logitech 922x. The keyboards are recorded via a Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 using Abelton Live. I use Magix Movie Studio 14 Platinum to zip the audio and video together. Hence fairly decent audio. I will need to work on my audio production values, but this is for spontaneous fun.

Last Day of March Jam from John Wood on Vimeo.

Just a bit of fun at the end of the last day of March 2017. Make more peace, then more love. Start with music. Fighting is hard if you are dancing or playing music.