Beats Studio 2.0 Headphones Earpads Are Junk

Don’t Buy Beats Studio 2.0 By Apple – Terrible Quality

I usually don’t review stuff on this website, but in the case of some recently acquired personal property, I am making an exception. The subject of my ire are Apple’s Beats Studio 2.0 headphones. Simply don’t buy these and reconsider if you have an expectation that a headphone you spend premium money on will last at least as long as the warranty. This December I was given a brand new set of red Beats Studio 2.0 headphones by a family member as a Christmas gift. They knew my ancient Sennheiser HDR100’s were getting a bit noisy, so they ordered up a pair of these pretty Beats Studios on Amazon.

They are pretty and sound okay as headphones go. I’d suggest they are really designed for the MP3 generation, where sound quality is already comprised by file compression. I will also admit they are comfortable compared to my other headphones. Buy that is where any appreciation stops. Within one week of gentle use, I found the vinyl peeling back from the edge of the ear cup cushions. They have been used in my studio for all of ten hours and then were stored in their carrying case.

– Pretty
– Detachable Audio Cord
– Battery Meter
– Comfort

– Build quality
– Sound quality
– Apple Support
– Expensive! ($160 to $175 wired)

About Apple Support

As usual, Apple calls back pretty fast. We have had issues with Apple products before, but unlike other Apple responses, the appear to treat Beats products differently. Where Apple has sent phones replaced under warranty immediately, in the case of the Beats headphones, you send them back AFTER Apple sends you a box, then they inspect, repair and return your product. So owning these means you need a second set of headphones. Just wander down to the Beats Facebook page and read the litany of complaints focused on all their products, but in particular the ear cushions. In any case, the amount of report of failure have me looking to return these and buy something that has a track record of durability. If by chance the Amazon Seller and then Amazon refuses to refund, I will be stuck with this junk and research after market ear cushions.

In any case, buyer beware when it comes to Beats Studio 2.o headphones.