A Mic and A Stage? Wudman Sings!

Graduating From Karaoke In The Sierra Nevadas

Wudman On The Blues
On a recent adventure to party with friends in Loyalton, CA, I was invited to the stage to render some blues with the band. Although this was not the first time I have sung with a band, this was the first time I was invited prior to arriving at the venue. It was a old friend’s classic rock and roll band playing in a rustic hotel in a small Sierra Nevada town, so it wasn’t like headlining anywhere. In fact I have sung in much fancier venues in downtown Sacramento and have been well received.

This particular party is one of a series that happens at the Golden West Hotel, Bar and Restaurant in Loyalton, CA. Loyalton, CA is a small town about 45 miles north of Truckee, CA. It sits in what I presume was once a majestic pine forest nestled in high valley of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At one point Loyalton was a bustling timber town, famous for white pine lumber. Although the valley that shelters Loyalton seems to be naturally void of trees, I have to assume that at some point, well within the vistas available, stood a majestic pine forest.

Loyalton lost it’s last lumber mill in 1994 and like many lumber mill towns, has suffered economically. Although nothing came to replace the lumber industry, ranching remains a core industry in the region. Loyalton also serves as a regional business center as it is the only place for miles where you can find a grocery store, dentist and pharmacy.

Bluesing it up with Dejavu Loyalton, CA from John Wood on Vimeo.