Rough Drafts – Call Me Anywhere By Wudman

I looked At Here And Thought “Call Me Anywhere”

Last December, I put on my man pants, packed up a keyboard and went down to an open mic at Old Sacramento’s Laughs Unlimted. The owner hosts a band-supported jam session open mic. It is more a jam session, but the band humors me and my music.

That first time I jammed at Laughs Unlimited, asked the drummer to accompany me. The best instruction I could give him was, “my pace is sort of Hot Blooded as in Foreigner.

So I am jamming away and it appears the crowd is getting into it and then my hands decided to go somewhere new, so I let them. After my jam, I lingered and did a little “Red House” and then spent the rest of the evening looping the new riff in my head. Watched a comedy show, but kept the loop a looping..

Now I have started to mold that riff into a new song. Part of looping it to remember was to put words to it. In the comedy show I looked over at my awesome wife Lori and thought, “Call me Anywhere”….

By the way, the reason I needed my “man pants”, was because although I am pretty comfortable emcee’ing events, it takes more energy to perform my art in the same environment.

You see, deep down, I am shy…