My Lens | Return To Valley Of Fire State Park

Winter Expedition To Valley of Fire, Nevada’s Oldest State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is about an hour north of Las Vegas and worth every minute you can spend there. This second trip was to catch different angles of the sun in the valleys by getting there earlier. As usual, there was lunch with a view, followed by hiking among the colorful rock formations! Valley of Fire was scene to several films including “The Professionals” staring Lee Marvin. Captain James T. Kirk’s last stand was made in Valley of Fire in “Star Trek “Generations”. Among other extra-planetary adventures, “Total Recall” took advantage of all the red terrain for the Mars scenes. Two trips and I haven’t seen enough to say I have really experienced Valley of Fire State Park. Next time I might as well just camp overnight so as to catch more of this great national treasure!
image by John Wood Valley of Fire Nevada
Tips On Getting There
Note: I still suggest taking East Lake Mead Blvd to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and follow the signs to the back gate of Valley Of Fire State Park. It is an spectacular drive that takes you along the shore of Lake Mead, into the Nevada desert. The colors you will come across begin with  muted shades of brown and span the spectrum to brilliant shades or rust. The visuals are spectacular before you get to the park!

Valley of Fire State Park Video

Time Lapse Through Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park from John Wood on Vimeo.

(approx. 75min if you don’t stop for pictures before you get to Valley of Fire!)
“B” Plan is to take I-15 north to Exit #75 Valley of Fire Road
(approx. 60 min due to low speed limit once on Valley of Fire Road – I use this route for return)