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Quality Pittsburgh Band Lands In St. Louis

Folk Americana band waiting to play a set at Pop’s Blue Moon

One of the advantages of mixing blogging and photography is that I get the occasional call from a publicist seeking to share a ┬áband coming to the area. City Dwelling Nature Seekers is a great band from Pittsburgh that recently stopped in and played what amounted to a private show for a few folks who were at Pop’s Blue Moon, a bar in the Shaw district. Weekday shows are hard enough to sell if your band is local and darn near impossible to sell if you are not. In any case City Dwelling Nature Seekers played a really nice set that all four patrons and the bar staff enjoyed. I really hope they can pull through town and play a mainstream bar on a weekend because these guys are very talented.

Be patient with this video as its real charms kick in at about .48

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