My Lens | Fog Rolling Into The Golden Gate Bridge

Marin Headlands Evening Vista of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge From Marin Headlands Night Shot By John Wood

The bridge looks golden from Marin, about halfway up the Headlands as fog rolls in.

Evening shot of the world famous bridge that spans the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Marin Headlands. Despite a brisk wind that challenged a shutter-priority shot even with a tripod, I caught this view of the Golden Gate Bridge as the fog was rolling in. After missing the morning shot because the bridge was completely fogged in, I returned just in time to beat it’s return in the evening. You can see the fog enveloping the south tower and spots of it above the center span as well as starting to mix into the north tower. The wind was blowing about 35 mph with gusts that challenged the inexpensive tripod I had been using to take a time-lapse video up and down the Pacific Coast Highway earlier in the day.

The Marin Headlands are accessible by a road at the first exit north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Instead of turning towards Sausalito, you follow the prompts to the Marin Headlands and immediately start to climb up to a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The caveat here is that if you want the view, wait until you see blue sky over San Francisco. Despite clear skies in Richmond, Oakland, or even San Rafael, count on fog over the Golden Gate Bridge till the sun burns it off. Once the sky is clear, you can see the whole Bay Area and out to the Farallon Islands.

The Marin Headlands are also the home of pre-World War 2 coast defense batteries. There are many of these old fortifications through (and under) the Marin Headlands. At the very minimum, this is one heck of a place to bring a picnic lunch!