My Lens – Guy A. West Bridge | Sacramento, CA

Replica of the Golden Gate Bridge near California State University Sacramento

Geometry above a bridge that has cool geometry below.
image Guy A West Bridge small scale replica of Golden Gate Bridge near CSUS
Crossing the American River from California State University in Sacramento (CSUS) to the other side of the American River is this cool pedestrian bride. It is called the Guy A. West Bridge and it was built to be a replica of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Scroll back a few posts to see what the underside of this bridge looks like. I can’t tell which is a more interesting. This “darker” side of the Guy A. West Bridge came to my attention back in the late seventies when I attended CSUS and took a photography class. My first shot of this bridge was in 1979. Look through this for the underside of this bridge which offers an interesting geometric perspective.

The bridge was constructed in 1964 and stretches 1144 feet across the American River.