First Wudz Word 2012 – “texstupidity” Noun or Verb it is about E-Bonics!

Texstupidity, does it really need explaining?

My new and first word for 2012:
“Texstupidity” also spelled as “textstupidity” noun or verb…
“texstupidity” officially the first “Wud Word”of 2012. it is a verb or noun, (nown for those in the Missouri Bootheel and parts of Arkansas, West Virginia and partsd of LA.) As a verb it describes the act of writing or speaking in “text-ebonics” or as a legal description of said Ë-Bonics anywhere. Also, do disambiguate this word from any reference to the great state of Texas, I also claim the word “textstupidity” as another spelling for those inclined to write the word as opposed to texting it.

Since texting demands butchering languages, accepting laziness while prioritizing the need to “communicate” immediately, it is fundamentally stupid. This textstupidity is often compounded when people try to text and drive cars, do surgery, fly planes, eat dinner and so forth.