Sail Ahoy!

April starts with a high seas adventure as "The Wudman" has volunteered to crew a passage on the Hawaiian Chieftain from San Francisco To Fort Bragg! The Hawaiian Chieftain is a 62 ton gaff-rigged topsail ketch based in Aberdeen, WA. This fine ship puts into ports along the Pacific Coast sharing the early maritime history of the United States.

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Marin Sunset

Valley of Fire State Park NV

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Grand Canyon, AZ

Castle Valley, UT

USA Adventures "Rock"

A Purple American

"Between the red nuts and the blue nuts hang the rest of US!"

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John "Wudman" Wood

30 Oct 2010

I WordPress

Yes, I made "WordPress" a verb...

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WordPress s a powerful, scalable web content management system that is focused on the message, not the car the messenger is riding in.

Original Music and some fun with random visualizations and an HD Camcorder

I Am Wudman

"Marching Orders"

Photography, Video and Words By Wudman

Welcome To Wud’s Adventure Blog

An interest in photography was imbued into me by my father, an avid hobbyist photographer as well as a cousin who had a successful career as a professional musician and photographer at the same time. I miss that first Canon, a very durable 35mm hand me down FTb. Fortunately technology allows us to carry much smaller cameras that take relatively good pictures. Although I have a very capable camera on my phone, I always have a “real” camera on my hip.

Sharing Adventures In Hopes You Will Find Someplace To Explore

You don’t have to go where I go, but hopefully, you get out, explore, and while you are at it, take some pictures. It is a great way to focus on the awesome scenery that you can find in every corner of this great country!
John Wood